Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ben William Broderick

Back to the blogosphere, after a giant hiatus. So much to tell, so little time. At the moment, our newest and sweetest little man, Ben William Broderick, is not feeling the best, upstairs in his bassinet. He is now 4 1/2 months and when Gracie was this age, I had about a million posts about her every breath. Him. Not so much. Not to say I dont love him as much because he is the sweetest little fella ever!! I am looking forward to posting more pics, documenting what the kids are doing and keeping up with fellow bloggers (Mari and Kelly! Holla;) Here are some pics to kickstart this blogging thing again!

Ohhhhhhh snap. I don't understand this new blogger. How do I get a photo?! Sigh, Im going to bed. Help!!!!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Proof of Life

Almost a year later, we are bloggin again!!! What a year it has been. Whew. Here is the breakdown since last blog in April last year: We put our Roaring Fork Lane house on the market in Houston, sold the house in the summer, rented a sweet little house on Red Rugossa, got preggers, went back to corner Brook for Mark and Beths wedding in October, uncertainty about moving home and pregnancy lent us to staying in NL and Justin met us there, he got a new job in St. Johns with Worley Parsons, bought a house, now living in a rental on Pleasent Street and getting ready to move in! Oh! And Im about to have our baby boy in three weeks!!! Yup, lots and lots of mixed emotions, happiness, loss, dreams come true, hearts broken, change is hard! We are super excited about our house by bowering park and Justins work, living close to amazing friends and family and being back in our own province. There has been adjustments with weather and missing friends in Texas, and while I have been missing friends so has Grace which is hard. Right now we are focusing on our new life in St. John's, and I am so thankful that we have had so much support from all around to make this huge adjustment bearable! We have had tons of supper offers, parents doing huge favors all around, and lots of love our way. Oh! Did I mention that my BFF Maria is my new neighbor!?!??! How perfect! eek! Life is crazy right now with our 4th move in less than a year, but we are so happy to be together. JB is loving his new job, Dad and JB are doing minor renos on our house and I still get to stay at home with Grace and baby bro. We have a new routine here which looks like Texas but not sooooo much. She goes to 'school' 6 hours a week at the childrens center (hippie fab), she goes to gymnastics, the library, etc. She is missing her Texas friends, Mila, Suri, Sam the man, Kar Kar, William, Jonah etc etc etc...but she has Marias beautiful boys Gabe and Jude to keep her runnin! So, we are here, going through lots of changes but we are facing it as a family with lots of love. Keep checking back, I'll post pregs pics and ones of our house! XO

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is this thing on?

There has been major technical difficulties on our blog (and major life 'interruptions')

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011 and Cupcakes with Nana!

We had such fun this Easter:) We went to Mila and Sur Sur's house for a fun Egg hunt. The girls all wore sweet little dresses and they looked like little fairies! We went to Sues, Jasons and Alicias house for supper and it was delicious:) Grace even found a substitute Poppa :/

Before Nana and Papa left, they gave Grace awesome Easter gifts (ok, and alot of other gifts along the way;) The main Easter gift was sooo cool, with little girl cookbooks, aprons and so many other little baking tools (that mama likes too;) They made delicious cupcakes the night before they left, and it was awesome. We miss them so much. Thank you for everything. xooxoxox

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sad Good-byes

Today was a sad day because we had to say bye bye to Nana and Poppy! It was such a great trip so I hate to be too sad about the goodbye but its hard!! Grace fell head over heels for both mom and dad, of course, and had the time of her life while they were visiting. I miss them so much already..and so does she!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Cunning Kind of Visit

Although I am writing this after we all survived a terrible stomach flu or food poisioning, this trip with Nana and Poppy has been awesome. Grace knew them right away and has been stuck to them ever since. We have done allll kinds of cool stuff like we went and got bluebonnet pics done with Katie, went to the Zoo, went to Austin and saw Tim McGraw and even had a bbq in the park.

In a more practical way, its been awesome that dad and mom have been doing so much with Grace and the house! Our house looks spic and span, ready to sell, and Gracie is happy as a little girl can be. I mean, tents and playing princess with nana and papa is awesome, right?

In terms of life, Justin has started a new job and our house in on the market...

More pics to come!